Dr. Stockinger makes use of a variety of specialized chiropractic equipment and techniques to assist her with the health care of her patients.
Chiropractic treatment tables are an essential ingredient in your care. The tables that Dr. Stockinger uses in her office include more features than a standard adjusting bench. These special features can help accommodate pregnant patients, and patients with other special needs, such as difficulty lying on a table. Use of the “hi-lo” table assists patients who have difficulty getting onto the table. Movement or “drop” features on all tables allow the doctor to provide a gentle onset of movement within your spine. The flexion distraction table can help her to work on low back conditions. Each table has different features which allow for more treatment options and flexibility.
Along with the specialized tables, physiotherapy equipment in the office can be another adjunct to your care. The comfortable interferential electric muscle stimulation machine helps to promote recovery as does the use of ultrasound in special cases.
In addition to “hands-on” Diversified chiropractic techniques, Dr. Stockinger has studied Gonstead, muscle stretching, trigger point therapy, gentle movement, light touch, flexion techniques, CranioSacral Technique, and Craniopathy. She can use hand held equipment such as the reflex hammer or Activator type instruments.
Overall, Dr. Stockinger describes herself as a hands-on chiropractor. No two patients are treated exactly alike because each patient is different. Dr. Stockinger’s patients enjoy her individualized and personal attention.
In the true spirit of HEALTH care, not just sickness or injury care, Dr. Stockinger focuses on wellness and optimal health. She gives daily tips, regarding nutrition, posture, holiday stress, stretching and exercise. She welcomes questions, and patients who want to take care of their health.